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Michelin XTE2+


Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck Robust Small Diameter Trailer Position tire Designed to Withstand the Demands of High Scrub on Low Platform and Specialty Trailers in Regional and Line Haul Applications.

Features of Michelin XTE2+

  • Dual compound tread rubber
  • Chip and cut resistant rubber compound
  • Deep, wide channels
  • Lateral siping along rib edges
  • Robust crown design with 4-steel belt package

Benefits of Michelin XTE2+

  • Helps ensure cool operating temperatures
  • Helps resist the abrasion/aggression from lateral scrub and rough surfaces
  • Help provide excellent water evacuation throughout the life of the tire
  • For enhanced traction and braking in adverse weather conditions
  • Provides casing durability

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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