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Why Buy From Us?

Passion, pride and customer service are what we strive for here at OK4WD. We care about your satisfaction and that is why we strive to always sell products that are of the highest quality. We will not sell junk just to make a quick buck. You work hard for your money like we do, and buying quality saves you money and aggravation in the long run. We travel the world to find the best products and partner with vendors who share the same philosophy as us.

While buying quality parts, we also have our ASE Blue Seal Certified technicians taking care of your vehicles needs. Our skilled technicians use state of the art tire machines to mount your tires to your wheels, and to get the best balance for the tires. We also have the technology here, at OK4WD to road force balance your wheels here to get the best driving performance.

We are not a wall street owned business. We are a family owned business, that puts people over profits. Stockholders and accountants don’t run our business, you, our customer and our partner, help us run this business. We appreciate loyal customers who love quality service and quality products from a company that cares and gives back to the community. Greed and egos don’t steer the direction our company goes, instead reputation and the love of sharing our passion, knowledge and skill of the 4WD market is what motivates us.

Whatever thrill you’re chasing, OK4WD will make sure your vehicle’s up to the challenge. The question is: Is your vehicle OK proven?

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